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  The route from Hillsboro, OR June. 24. 2008 to Stavanger Norway.

Day 1: Startet at (KHIO)Hillsboro, OR. over Rocky Mountains to (KBIL)Billings, MT.
Day 2: Billings to (KGFK)Grand Forks, ND
Day 3: From Grand Forks over southern part of Lake Superior and northern part of Lake Michigan to (KAPN)Alpena, MI.
Day 4: From Alpena, MI over USA/Canada border to (CYQB) Quebec, QC.
Day 5 – 8: Standby in Quebec, QC.
Day 9: Quebec to Kuujjuaq(CYVP).
Day 10: Kuujjuaq to Aupaluk(CYLA).
Day 11: Aupaluk to Iqaluit(CYFB).
Day 12: Iqaluit stuck in bad weather..
Day 13: Iqaluit...
Day 14: Iqaluit...
Day 15: Iqaloit through Pangnirtung valley to Qiqiqtarjuaq(CYVM)
Day 16: Qikiqtarjuaq stuck fog...
Day 17: Qikiqtarjuaq....
Day 18: Qikiqtarjuaq...
Day 19: Qikiqtarjuaq, Canada to Sisimiut(BGSS) Greenland
Day 20: Sisimiut over Maniitsoq(BGMQ) to Nuuk(BGGH)
Day 21: Nuuk....
Day 22: Nuuk over western part of the ice cap to Narsarsuaq(BGBW)
Day 23: Narsarsuaq over southern part of the Ice Cap to east coast and up to Kulusuk(BGKK).
Day 24: Kulusuk over to Reykjarvik(BIRK) Iceland.
Day 25: Reykjarvik over to Vagar(EKVG) Faroe Island.
Day 26: Vagar stuck in bad weather..
Day 27: Vagar over to Sumburgh(EGPB) Shetland.
Day 28: Sumburgh over to Sola(ENZV) Norway

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Rocky Mountains, Idaho/Montana

Kryssing av Lake Michigan

Tanking av drivstoff i Schefferville Canada

Arve og Johan

Selvbetjening nord-Canada

Tørrdrakt for havkryssing

Førevarlanding i tåken under polarsirkelen nord-Canada

A glacier in Pangnirtung Valley

Drift ice in Hudson Strait

The Baffin Sea

BGSS Sisimiut Greenland

BGMQ Maniitsoq Greenland

The ice cap over Greenland

Fuel depot South-east Greenland

North-east Greenland

Fuel depot North-east Greenland